Friday, July 29, 2011

They Think We're Stupid

After today's vote in the Senate on the Boehner plan, I'm now convinced that Harry Reid thinks that we are the biggest idiots to walk the planet. Supposedly his people were pulling the bill from the internet so that the vote was already scheduled the minute it got to them officially. Since his party has the biggest bully pulpit, he'll use it (through BO). So, here's where things stand:

House passes Cut, Cap, and Balance, Reid kills it.
House passes the Boehner Plan, Reid kills it.

I think I see a trend here. Next week, the Republicans are going to be the bad guys because there are too many people who have forgotten their basic high school government course. We didn't bow down and give in to what Harry Reid and Barack Obama wanted. Instead, we are more than happy to let them hang themselves in 6 months. Problem is that the Democrats know this. They know that if there has to be another debt ceiling vote before the November 2012 elections, then they are up a creek without a paddle.

I can just see the ads now. Dems: "Oh those bad Republicans. They kept Granny from getting her social security check and her doctor from getting that Medicare payment." Republicans: "Those Democrats wouldn't pass a budget, much less vote to require a balanced one. Everyday Americans have to live on what they take in, as do most states and local governments. Why should Washington be any different?)

Now, I can see where the Balanced Budget Amendment can make people nervous. If it's not done right, it can really screw us. It would need to include language to allow for borrowing to cover something unforeseen, like a terrorist attack or a hurricane season like 2005 was with multiple really bad storms.

That's my opinion.

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