Friday, July 22, 2011

Budget Talks?

Ok, what budget talks. What this boils down to is a certain person, no names mentioned, trying to get his way. How stupid is he, really? Yeah, let's grow the economy and put people back to work by raising taxes on the people and corporations who are creating the jobs. Let's see. If I were an employer, and my taxes just went up, the LAST thing I'd be doing is hiring since that just costs me more money! Wait...could it be that he just wants the unemployment rate to stay high so that all of these people on unemployment will vote for him so they can keep those checks coming in? Now we just might be on to something... So now that the other side isn't playing his silly little game anymore, he just needs to find a whining corner. That's where children who want to whine have to go in my house (regardless of how old they are).

Now, if something like Cut, Cap, and Balance were passed by the Senate (since the House did its job), this would be a good thing. Cut back the spending, Cap it so that it can't get outrageous again, and require that the federal budget be balanced each year. What's bad here? The rest of us (including most states) have to live within our means. Why should the federal government be any different?

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