Friday, July 29, 2011

If I Were Having to Balance the Federal Budget

Too much fun to be had here. So many places to cut. Really. So, here's where I'd start.

1. Aid to foreign countries. If we can't take care of ourselves, then how in the world can we afford to take care of others?
2. Obamacare. Just repeal it and make it go away.
3. NCLB. See Obamacare. All this has done is take the Texas law national for the most part. What have we learned in Texas? Schools are teaching the test. That is verified by a family friend of ours whose daughters are in the local public schools.
4. Anything found to be redundant.
5. Pork projects. Very eye-opening.
6. Salary of the President. Name something he has to pay out of pocket other than wardrobe and flowers for the Mrs. Cut it in half and he'd still do just fine.
7. Social Security reform. Another post for another day.

Notice that I didn't touch the salaries of Congress or Senators. The rank and file members of the House are currently making $174,000. I'm not sure what they have to pay out of pocket. That said, airfare home to their districts can put a dent in that real fast. Assuming one round trip commercial flight per week at a cost of $400 round trip, then that's nearly $21,000 per year. Yes, I did make up those numbers. It probably costs more than that. Get the idea though? Cost of living is a big factor here though. Just look at housing. Where I live, you can get a nice house for $125-150K. In New York, a comparable house (or less) will run you $600k. According to a friend I grew up with who is now a Realtor in Oregon, the same house would run you $225-275K. It doesn't take a math genius to figure out that the monthly payment is going to be a lot more.

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